Own experience with global distribution application vs. local distribution application in Windows phone.

I am an indi programmer, who spends the little free time available to my hobbies, like any mortal, one of those hobbies is programming. And I like making applications for mobile devices, these gadgets you use during all the day and you would feel lost without them.

About two months ago I discovered windows phone, and I liked it. For now I have published two applications on the market, the truth is that they aren´t big thing, only simple but functional applications with which I improve my experience and learn at the same time.

The truth is I have no other ambition than to enjoy doing it, I like as far as possible trying to solve problems or shortcomings that I’m finding in my day to day, doing things that are not made before, but usually is difficult to find anything not already done, plus you find authentic wonders glad to use.

The first application, Tengo Multas, I made a couple of months ago is a seeker of fines, entering your ID and vehicle registration that application shows you, connecting to a web page, if you have fines or not. I only published it in Spain and in Spanish language.

The second application, Boy Or Girl, based on Chinese ancient tables, indicates whether the baby you are expecting will be a boy or girl. This one was published for all countries with access to the market and in English and Spanish languages.

Both are simple applications, and for occasional use.
I put them directly in the market, without promotion and from the first moment some people use them, Girl Or Boy application with worldwide distribution started strong, but what’s my surprise when I see in the last 5 days people use more Tengo Multas than Boy Or Girl.

It seems incredible, I’m not talking about applications with thousands of visitors, only dozens, but for me a worldwide application that does not exceed 100 visits per day seems a significant fact, and that a local application (only in Spain) has more visits than a worldwide one it´s curious.

I don´t think that the application is a disaster because the majority of visits are from users who have already used the application and I understand that if a user repeats the experience it seems that he likes.

I have two questions that make me think:
1 – The importance of the promotion with the finality users know and use your applications. I think simply upload it to the market is not enough, and you have to work on that aspect a little more.
2 – That having applications with a worldwide distribution not implies that more people use it. As I have seen comparing the views of my two applications.

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