Boy Or Girl

To know the sex of your baby, just select the month in which the baby was conceived, which is approximately 2 weeks after the date of the last menstruation of the mother, and the mother’s age at that time.

After selecting age and month, and clicking the icon shown below with the OK shape, an image of a boy or a girl will appear. That will be the genre of your baby.

You can repeat as many times as you want by clicking the icon. Enjoy!

The Chinese method is one of the best known to predict the sex of the baby. Predicting the sex of the baby can be used as a guide, if you want to know, before it is born, if the baby is a boy or girl. Having an idea of the baby’s gender before birth can be very useful to anticipate shopping, choose a name or choose the most appropriate colors to decorate its room.

For hundreds of years, the Chinese method predicts the sex of the baby selecting two parameters, the mother’s age and the month when the baby was conceived.

Legend tells that the method was buried in a tomb of China’s royal family 700 years ago. Currently, the original is kept at the Institute of Science in Beijing.

Boy Or Girl

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